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Rim of the World Communications is proud to be the primary contractor for several national vendors.  They call us first for all work in our coverage area. Our trained and highly skilled technicians have proven to be the most professional, prompt and courteous team available.
Your customers are as important to us as our own. We understand your business, and respect the fact you have spent your time and money to land these huge customers. Our ability to work with your national clients to get the job done right the first time is something we take great pride in.
Give us a shot, we guarantee you and your client will be impressed.
We look forward to working with you!

I had the pleasure of working directly with Aaron today and he is truly a great worker.  I would describe him as efficient, honest, and knowledgeable.
I asked if he was interested in helping us do all the wiring for when we move offices and he said to make sure we go through you guys.  This proves he has integrity.
In addition, he hustles and worked up a sweat despite it being fairly cold weather.  His work is spot on and I'm impressed with how he deals with all the existing rats nest of wires.
He is a contractor that I would hire to do work for myself which says a couple of things. Once you find a contractor like that you hold on to them.
He did a job that could have easily taken 4 hours and he cut that time in half.

I wanted to let you know that Aaron did a great job.  He was easy to work with, was very competent and followed directions very well.  We were able to complete the task very quickly with no issues.